Thursday, July 30, 2009

MP3 Player for Handicapped

I determined if I ever found an MP3 player that those who are physically and visually challenged I would be sure to post it. I did quite a search and saw plenty of suggestions, but no real solutions. Then the other day at Best Buy I found a Coby MP3 player that has solved the problem. You see my son in the truck above with his new player. Pictured below is the one I'm talking about. No screens to read, buttons he can figure out, good enough quality for his purposes, easy to setup and keep updated, and inexpensive.
This model is the MP200, 2GB with 2.0 high speed USB for fast file transfer. It is fast, and the interface with Windows Media Player is easily figured out and understood. Mine came with ear buds for $11 (tax in). I purchased five of them. Detailed instructions come with the player.

My son took to the new player quickly and soon had it figured out. Old CDs - "all done." CD players - "all done." Thankfully.

CD players are getting harder to find and they're expensive when you can find them. My son is hard on CD players, and the average life of one is two weeks. Even WalMart no longer stocks them.

Here's one link, I'm sure there are many others.